Beibei bear children stationed in Shenzhen CBD Financial Center - Huaqiang North

Fashionable casual children's wear brand ------- Beibu XIONG Following the July 8 settled in Nansha Free Trade Zone, July 15 and stationed in Shenzhen's most prosperous CBD financial center ------ Huaqiang North . Huaqiang North Children's World is one of the earliest well-known children's wear shopping malls in China, Beibu bear children's clothing with their excellent products and brand reputation, successfully stationed in Huaqiang North Shenzhen Children's World, July 16 officially grand opening, I hereby wish Beibu Xiong Huaqiang North children's world branch business is booming! Shenzhen Huaqiang North Children's World is a professional children's wear shopping malls, has been hailed as South China's children's wear shopping malls, "originator." BEIBUXIONG is fortunate enough to work with Huaqiang North Children's World to provide "value for money" products and good shopping experiences for parents and children in Shenzhen. Beibei Xiong brand stores located in Shenzhen Huaqiang North Childhood a main channel location. Happy summer, Shenzhen Huaqiang North Babel Bear children's clothing on July 16 formally similar to your delight, a lot of activities, a lot of concessions, you in Shenzhen, "粑 粑 Ma Ma" Do not miss it! BeiBuXiong BeiBuXiong Guangzhou Ma Chau Trade Co., Ltd. is the flagship brand, specializing in children aged 3 to 13 to provide unique, quality shoulder to shoulder international children's clothing. Designed with "Healthy and Comfortable" as the prerequisite, "Casual, Fashionable, Personality-oriented" is the focus of the pursuit of natural, simple, classic, generous, sweet and lovely, in addition to rich design, but also pay attention to style and quality of goods to meet consumers For leisure, fashion needs, without losing the individuality. Beibu BeiBuXiong advocate "childhood, my STYLE I call the shots." All from the child, to provide to meet the various stages of physical and mental dress needs, to accompany children grow together, through the colorful, carefree childhood. The company of "Let children grow together with the world," the desire, cherish a dedicated kindness, determined to the most innovative style, the highest quality product quality and the most warm service for Chinese children more joy, more Confidence, more dreams. "Beibu Bear, children's clothing new forces, the future ● I come!" Hope Shenzhen Huaqiang North children's world branch together hand in hand, together for more children to bring more exciting happy childhood!

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