2015 fur what color bright color fur with

Fashion does not stop, we should closely follow the trend, we can not allow ourselves to rest, comfort is left to later, so now the girls should strive to make their own fashion so that they looked a grade, it looked fine, Man exposed card Ladies fashion Mature woman to wear out, a step by step reflects the charm of the charm, the new fall and winter 2015 hit, the fur no one can.


What color fur choose to look better? According to the fur of the previous year should be more popular in bright colors, but also a little darker choice, Man Luka card burgundy fur style, short version of the model to take a black Dress, so the match is very engaging and also Will not feel awkward.

2015皮草流行什么颜色 亮色皮草搭配

There is a dark green fur, still the same short paragraph, that is, different colors, with black is also the main black primer Shirt + black leather pants, handsome and very attractive at the same time, no matter what the color of autumn and winter fur can be used Black to match, wild and stylish, Man Luka women's 2015 autumn and winter new models coming soon more styles to choose from.


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