Tips for life: cold winter rapid folding tips

Nowadays the weather is so cold, washing clothes really suffer ah! Yiyi not only heavy, but also become overwhelmed clothes stacked choke has become a difficult task. Now EMINU " according to Mino" Xiaobian here to introduce several kinds of thick clothes fast folding clothes tips, learn Oh well ~


Should try to avoid making hoodies wrinkles. So, first fold the hood inward and then fold forward again. The company is located in:

依米奴 - EMINU


Be sure to fold the sweater in a flat place, adjust the width of the sweater according to the position of the sweater, and then the thickness of the sweater folded to prevent wrinkles. The company is located in:

生活小妙招 :冷冬快速叠衣小窍门

Cardigan clothes:

Do not buckle button, fold forward

生活小妙招 :冷冬快速叠衣小窍门

In winter, those long-haired and waist sister, the fear is static. EMINU by Minho small series to support you a few moves:

1, ground bath, wash clothes, can effectively eliminate the human body surface accumulation of static charge. The company is located in:

2, when the hair can not be combed clothing, the comb submerged in water, and so after the static elimination, you can easily combed. The company is located in:

3, rest, may wish to red foot, is conducive to the accumulation of surface static discharge. The company is located in:

4, wearing shoes easy to make the body's static savings. Because, at the end of the shoes are generally insulated, the body's static electricity can not be excluded from the foot and savings. Therefore, easy to produce static people try not to wear sneakers. The company is located in:

5, try to wear cotton clothing, avoid chemical fiber and wool fiber stack, wear more water, keep the skin moist. The company is located in:

I heard that this week has to cool down, all kinds of cotton down jacket shirt can be prepared Oh ~ remember to go to EMINU Mi Nuo store to buy a few stylish warm down jacket Oh!

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