Quality South Red Agate work

The history of the South Red Agate has a long history, so it also contains a lot of jade culture unique to China. Wearing the South Red Agate symbolizes people's good expectations for their own life and life. The carving of the South Red Agate is more ornamental than the plain white jade because of its rosy color, and the pattern is more layered.

The superior Nanhong material is originally a minority, and there are still a lot of blocks. Therefore, most of the South Red carvings are some common materials. This is the time to test the carving of the engraver. An ordinary South Red rough can be transformed into magic if it encounters a clever carving. The more complicated it is, the better it will be. Some of them will be able to engrave the charms in a few simple ways. It depends on the basic skills and cultural heritage of the engraver.

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