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The weather in March, the temperature began to pick up, the wardrobe of clothing is also updated, fashion sense is not clear sharp men, season is the big time of purchase, then what style of spring is not easy to obsolete What? Today Xiaobian recommended several new men's spring for you and with a look together! Shirts, men's wardrobe the most common single product, especially the check shirt, especially for young men. This beautiful purple checkered long-sleeved shirt, white and purple combination, eye-catching and stylish. With white buttons embellishment, a little more a little fresh feeling. Pants with khaki slacks, reduce the age of college style easy to match! Spring is a good time to mix and match Oh! Full of vitality of the green pullover, cuffs, neckbands and stripes on the shirt hit the color contrast, has a rich flavor of the college wind, mix and match the white shirt & bow tie hit the color, plus the possession of blue leisure suit pants, Very gentle sense of match, make you stylish and eye-catching! Baseball jackets have been given sports labels, but with the addition of fashion elements to show its high plasticity. Convenient and practical styling baseball jacket jumped into the stars out of the street for the first choice. Pictured in this black printed baseball jacket, black and white mixed color printing, so that this jacket was full of aura. Take a simple white shirt & wear casual jeans, a pair of shoes on foot, making the whole model more complete fashion! Image Source: According to Mino brand casual wear

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