March 14 White Valentine's Day clothes similar to the beautiful spring

Romantic March, accompanied by early spring rain, the new willow peach blossom began to bloom. In 2014, this romantic year meets the white Valentine's Day on March 14, so let's wear a beautiful spring suit and meet him at 314. Can be very playful, you can also be elegant, but can not wear too bloated Oh. So beautiful white Valentine's Day, be sure to make full preparations to meet Oh.

艾米塔 - AMINTA

March weather, or slightly cool, optional sweet jacket is still very necessary. This dress is very playful. Put on a small black skirt, sweet yet sexy. Yellow jacket lotus leaf pendulum design, pearl buckle embellishment, the woman's lovely young children Fan reflected most vividly. How are you so cute, lively and lovely?

3月14白色情人节穿衣术 相约在唯美的春季

Clever girls should know that when the date must wear a skirt oh. This will reflect the woman's side. Pure white and elegant printing stitching together, it is very lovable. Put on a blue leisure suit, exudes a full charm. A pair of white high-heeled, the woman shaping a graceful temperament.

Picture from: Amita Women

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