Italian Wana brand underwear, natural disposition of the sexy charm

God created a woman with a rib of a man and gave it a unique charm that distinguishes one's temperament. Italian Awana INVARIA temptation Delicious will have this charm glow of natural, sexy but not vulgar it, gorgeous yet elegant, and cater to the tastes of the era lady.


INVARIA is a brand underwear underwear brand , the company underwear design, production, retail sales as one of the products involved in bras, underwear, casual wear at bedtime, thermal underwear, etc., retail outlets in many provinces and cities nationwide and area.


Italian Wana INVARIA underwear from Europe and the domestic professional designer team. Designer's idea is drawn from the natural beauty, the women's favorite graphics, colors and other rich elements of art, Italy Waa fashion lingerie cleverly constitute a section of exquisite underwear, combined with the spring, summer, autumn and winter, Italy Wa Wa INVARIA The formation of a variety of tastes taste popular series.

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