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With the market share of various categories in the underwear industry expanding in China, the domestic underwear enterprises in China are under the influence of internationalization. The development of new underdeveloped markets and self-owned brands are undermining the impact of international companies. The situation shows that Chinese enterprises attach importance to the brand, while the continuous classification of underwear categories, home service brand began to value the original design. KUGER Guge home service, independent of the underwear industry, self-contained system focused on home-related products in the design, development, production and marketing in one, sales channels from offline sales have been spread to online sales, more than 10 years The development of today's strength of the modern, electronic, networked home apparel brand companies.


Consumers today's per capita consumption levels continue to rise, living standards are also rising, for a variety of living requirements are constantly refined. For example, underwear industry, as long as the company launched what consumers to buy what, consumers now have a very rational idea of ​​the purchase, regardless of pre-packaging business if the advertising investment, consumers will choose according to their own needs for their products, and now more The sources of information also lead consumers to adhere to many aspects of the purchase, rather than unilaterally follow the introduction of the company. Now consumer rational consumer behavior, indicating that consumers began to value the quality of the product itself, the brand's own strength, sales and service objective objective factors.

KUGER Guge home service focuses on the production and management of underwear products such as home wear and so on. Adhering to the brand line and profound knowledge, it has set up a number of "Kuger Guge" image stores in Shenzhen. More than 30 provinces and cities in China have joined in the development of franchisees , Products by consumers like and trust.


With unique products, personalized, unique store style, rich, jumping product color, warm and elegant overall layout, as well as fashionable and innovative display form a strong impact on the visual effects in the market formed a good brand reputation, By the new and old customers love. KUGER Gu Ge adhere to the quality of products to speak, emphasis on product design, hoping to give consumers a new concept of home life, the most sincere service to customer satisfaction. Pay attention to the views of customers in order to truly brand management, emphasis on original design, in order to truly establish the brand.

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