Cold Weather Brings "Hot" Business Opportunities to Fall Winter Market Has Been Selling Hot

The continuous cooling of consecutive days has caused many citizens in Shandong Heze to be caught off guard, but it has brought endless business opportunities to merchants who operate cold-warming goods. The reporters found that the autumn and winter apparel market is booming, and sales of electric heating and heating products have begun to increase substantially, and the popularity of various hot pot restaurants is also rising.

The autumn outfit has not taken off, winter clothing has been selling well on October 21st. The reporter saw Dongfanghong Street in Heze City that the autumn clothes in various clothing stores have not yet been downgraded, and a variety of down jackets, cotton clothes, leather boots and knitted garments Winter clothes have already been placed on the counter. Customers are busy picking their favorite coats, and some customers have already prepared winter clothing such as down jackets.

"These two weather conditions have dropped so fast that it's a surprise. Today, I deliberately bought two sweaters." Said Mr. Ma, who buys sweaters at a clothing store. "Look what I bought is a good sweater." More than 300 bucks!" Because of the thin clothes he wore when leaving home, he put a sweater on his body after purchase.

“I’ll pick a down jacket and I’m told that this winter will be particularly cold. The cold clothes may have to increase in price. Now you and your wife buy a winter outfit.” Aunt Wang said that they are not very concerned about the style of winter clothes. It’s important It is a warm effect.

“The temperature has changed in the recent period, and our business has also been done. Autumn sales and winter sales have increased a lot.” Ms. Liu, a clothing store owner in Dongfanghong Street, told reporters. She looked very happy with the customer's continued enthusiasm.

Visiting a number of clothing stores in the urban area found that the prices of autumn and winter clothes this year have risen compared with previous years. “This year’s cotton prices have driven up the price of clothes.” Mr. Shi, a brand clothing agent, said that the price of some new-style clothing listed has increased by about 15%.

As the weather turned cold, some small items such as scarves and gloves became popular items. Hepingluo, a store owner who runs scarves, gloves, and other small commodities, told reporters, “This year’s weather was cold and many people came to buy gloves and scarves to keep warm.”

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