Bear B Bik brand children's clothing let me enjoy the moment of soul solitude

Bear B Bik brand children's clothing, with its unique personality style, church, I experience the joy of growth, let me interpret the innocence of joy, let me enjoy the happy hour with the heart-hyun Hyun dance. Every time I wear a bear B Qi brand children's clothing, can make me feel the moment of that beautiful soul, just as met a close friend cordial, so my heart will always throbbing. Baby B Qi children's tailor cut fine, exquisite workmanship, pay attention to children's clothing "eco-friendly, vibrant, natural" features, through pure natural elements, very casual taste, fashion distribution, with lively, bright, bright, elegant colors As the basic color system, combined with the characteristics of the various regions of the domestic market to guide the trend of children's wear, outlining the fashion does not play, see the simplicity of classic personality. Since the establishment of "Bear B BIRD", Hong Kong, Maucao and famous children's wear designer from Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan have always been invited to be product design consultants. Training, instruction, blend of international culture elements, fashion trends and integration into Chinese national customs are given regularly. Products are located in 2-15-year-old children, "fashion, leisure, environmental protection, vitality" is a bear B-Chi has consistently adhered to the brand style, the company franchise self-franchising franchise agents, franchisee business model, after more than two years Market development has so far been the development of more than 300 monopoly chain, the marketing network throughout the country more than 20 provinces, municipalities and districts and the Middle East, Europe and the Americas and other regions. Foshan City, East Hyun Fashion Co., Ltd. (Bear B Qi) National toll-free hotline: Address: Wenhua North Road, Foshan City,

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