Ampang safety shoes: build China's national brand of safety shoes

Due to the fast-paced economy in the era of people's desire for leisure life, casual safety shoes have become the focus of attention and the new favorite. The rapid development of casual safety shoes derived a lot of local brands, the most typical of the most representative is the Shanghai Ampang Industrial Development Co., Ltd. (http://) Microfiber safety shoes. In recent years, we can easily find that Ampang brand has been in the safety footwear industry leader in high-end safety shoes, by virtue of its own advantages in the market share of most high-end safety shoes in the market. Anbang brand every pair of shoes fabric, soles, accessories are selected through the heart, from the production equipment, production technology, cutting methods, suture, polished, shaped to a particular product after several hundred processes meticulous meticulous elaboration and Into the consumer to bring a comfortable experience and healthy enjoyment. Anbang brand safety shoes safety technology, lightweight and comfortable, high quality, bring extraordinary experience to the user. In order to better meet the market trend of fashion, Anbang company fashion elements into the safety footwear industry, and have developed a lightweight outdoor safety shoes, microfiber safety shoes, made a breakthrough image and culture adjustment and upgrading. In 2010, Anbang brand integration to enhance the second generation of LOGO, to enhance the safety, lightweight, stylish, simple taste, interpretation of Ampang safety shoes taste, safety, science and technology theme of the perfect transformation. At the same time, Ampang brand to step up publicity, through various media, media and promotional platform to meet with consumers. Currently in the Chinese market, many safety shoes brand in the virtual operation of the brand and the international imitation brand in the form of Anbang brand really made in China to do the concept of truly own brand. Chen general Anbang pointed out: "At present, China is a big country in the world of shoe-making power, if the products produced in China also labeled the title of the international brand This is a counterpoint to the Chinese footwear industry is dark .Ambang company To create the concept of Chinese-made, to create a sustainable development gesture to create a good reputation of the century-old national brand. "

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