Goddess are how to wear with goddess wear

Beautiful spring, the streets of women have put on elegant dress. A gentle hair, beautiful dress, or slender legs, enjoy the unique temperament exudes, the interpretation of the goddess is very place. The following Timmy children's wear for everyone on the street with two models, simple and stylish, so that your temperament index straight up!


Fresh and elegant yellow and white with each other, simple Ya Yun, charming temperament. High-quality fabrics, looks very high-end temperament. White dress lace hollow design, into the latest elements, refined and elegant dress, by the majority of women like it. High heels, but also for the overall increase temperament Oh.

女神都是怎么穿 跟女神学穿搭

In the goddess's world, white is the eternal theme. This white sweater hollow lattice design, simple and high quality fabrics, comfortable fit. Coupled with the bright color of the decorated, more overall adds fashion and gentle temperament. Black high-tube socks, the outline of the leg line extraordinarily charming.

Image courtesy of Timis children's wear

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